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A Hogwarts Romance

A community for roleplaying the romantic lives of our more mature lovebunnies.

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Welcome one and all to the roleplay community dedicated to the ROMANTIC lives of the Hogwarts professors. In this community, we honestly dont give a crap about Transfiguration, OWLS, Potions finals, or even students. Here it is all about the love.

This community is centered around Roleplaying, and only roleplaying. We know there are dozens of other communities out there dedicated to writing fics, spreading gossip, or just collectively staring all googly-eyed at pictures of Severus, and thats great. But once in a while, don't you ever wonder what it would be like for the professors outside of the classroom? What ever came of Minerva's little fancy for Xiomara? Did Snape ever propose to Pince? Will Trelawney ever find true love?
We know theres more to the world of Harry Potter than love, sex, and orgies, but we dont care. It's time to get a little intimate with our dear staff members, and experience the world of love through their eyes.

In this community, members will each play a single character in every roleplay. There are a very limited number of characters because of this, so if you wish to be involved, you must sign up quickly. But if you dont get the chraracter you want, keep your eyes on this page, because the lineup could change as people leave, move on, or what-have-you.

Note: Please read the first post inside the Wands and Roses journal for more information about applying for a character.

As of August 31st

TAKEN characers are:
- Madam Xiomara Hooch ( a_newheart4xmas )
- Madame Poppy Pomfrey ( voldersponge )
- Remus Lupin ( xgeniusx )
- Professor Sybill Trelawney ( duckface666 )
- Professor Minerva McGonagall ( shaded_x_grey )
- Narcissa Malfoy ( salty_lemonade )
- Rita Skeeter ( aislin_iona )
- Professor Severus Snape ( bluelippedstare )

AVAILABLE characters are:
- Professer Albus Dumbledore
- Professor Pomona Sprout
- Madam Irma Pince
- Professor Sinistra
- Professor Fillius Flitwick
- Professor Binns
- Rubeus Hagrid
- Alastor Moody
- Argus Filch
- Madame Maxime
- Lucius Malfoy
- Molly Weasley
- Arthur Weasley
- Petunia Dursley

* Youll notice Vernon Dursley is not on the list. And he is never going to be. We at Wands and Roses find Vernon to be a sickeningly obese misogynistic bastard, and do not acknowledge his existence in the world of Harry Potter, or as Petunia's significant other.

If there is any other ADULT characters who are not on the list, but whom you wish to play, please send one of the moderators ( voldersponge ) ( a_newheart4xmas ) an E-mail telling us why you think this character would be an intersting part of a romantic RP, and we'll see what we can do.

Disclaimer: If your small and sensitive (like Snapes weener) Its not our fault if Hooch's wild sex romps offend you or hurt you (hurt like Snapes weener.)